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The Final Prophecies DVD
Runtime: Aprox 80 min

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This award winning documentary presents new evidence you have to see to believe! The rational conclusions within this film will leave you shaken for days and provides overwhelming evidence that the world-ending prophecies from our ancient past are true and happening now. No matter your belief system, everyone needs to see this film before it's too late!

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» Is there more to end-times prophecy than many believe?

The validity of ancient prophecy has been debated for centuries and is one of the most controversial subjects in the world today. Join host and historian Ronnie Cohen plus several prophecy experts including Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum as you go on an epic journey to uncover the secrets behind Middle Eastern prophecy and the shocking statistical evidence that proves there is much more going on regarding past prophetic fulfillment than mere chance. Shocking new research also reveals that prophetic events foretelling frightening social changes that will usher in a new period of global hardship, tribulation and widespread death may be more plausible than many believe. No matter your belief system, the findings presented within The final Prophecies are as eye-opening as they are frightening. The ultimate conclusion may change your view of prophecy forever and redefine how much time we truly have left on this world!

» The Origin of Prophecy

Many associate the phrase "ancient" with civilizations such as the Mayans; however, few are aware that in regards to the origin of prophecy, language and record keeping, none are more ancient that the records originating from Middle Eastern bloodlines which many believe was the birthplace of the modern human race. In fact, the detailed history within the ancient scrolls precede and supersede the rise and fall of the Mayans, Egyptians and Roman empire and offer researchers the oldest, most complete and continual human record located anywhere in the world.

» Undeniable archeological and scientific evidence.

Today, over 100 ancient cities, previously believed to be folk lore and tens of thousands of artifacts, remnants and sites have been unearthed; providing evidence that the events and prophecies recorded within the ancient scrolls came to pass in the finest of detail. It's undeniable that many prophetic events within the ancient records were fulfilled, and often foretold hundreds of years before the event occurred. In these cases, even for skeptical scholars, it's difficult to deny that many of the prophetic fulfillments took place, but it's often argued that the fulfillments were the result of chance, and not from a greater source as the ancient records claim. But new archeological evidence and studies regarding statistical probability provides a shocking conclusion that shatters the belief that the fulfillment of ancient prophecy occurred by chance and sheds an entirely new light on frightening end-times prophecy foretelling a future of death and destruction beyond imagination.

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